7 Ways to Increase your Facebook Interaction


Facebook Engagement

1. Images Are Great!

Images are worth 1000 words (photos too)!  Images tell your story without a long-winded explanation to go with it.  And it just looks pretty.  Make sure to copyright or brand your original creations with your URL and/or logo.

2. Be Questionable?

Well, ask questions is what I really mean.  You would be surprised to know that fans will often answer your questions.  This is the easiest way to encourage engagement.

3. Open Up

Another way to be social is to show off your personality is to post about your customers, your staff, your office or storefront, how much snow is piled up outside, the view outside your office window, etc.  This gives your fans a glimpse at what your business is really like.

4. Share Content

Sharing is fun and your mom told you to!  This also helps to build relationships and get relevant and useful info out.

5. Short and Sweet

Images are great but so are short and sweet text only posts.  People don’t have lots of time and they often just scan text anyways.  Sometimes you will get a quick like or comment and increase your following.

6. Interact

Respond to EACH AND EVERY comment made by a fan.  Address them by their first name. Don’t ignore your follower’s comments, questions, ideas — be sociable!!!

7. Be Friendly

It’s called social media for a reason – be social!  Your posts should show off your company’s personality.  Have fun with it.

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