GooglePlus: Why Such Resistance?



Are you on GooglePlus? I am and I find I post on there with a lack of enthusiasm.  You?

Why is there such resistance with GooglePlus?  I quite often find myself devoting a lot of time to Facebook and Twitter.  Why?  Simple – it is easier.  I do post to GooglePlus only because I feel that I have to.  You know, to please the Google Gods.

There definitely is a learning curve to GooglePlus, and I am sure it is worth our time to understand the features it provides.  I do appreciate the fact that it is integrated with all of Google’s other products.  It makes life a bit easier, but not easy enough in my opinion.

There is chatter out there that Google+ will take over Facebook in as little as 2 years! Personally, I think it will take more than GooglePlus to move Facebook anywhere.

I guess I, like many of you, need to spend more time on that platform and embrace change.  Would love to hear some feedback and thoughts :-)

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